Tokyo Virtual Spanish Interiors Exhibition: Möbius Strip

23 October, 202030 September, 2021Ended


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Due to the uncertainty generated by Covid19, this year’s exhibition will be virtual instead of physical. Designed and comissioned by Japanese architectural company Azusa Sekkei, it will showcase indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, rugs and paintings. This exhibition will be part of Designart Tokyo 2020, but can be visited from anywhere in the world.

Famous architectural company Azusa Sekkei Co., Ltd. from Japan has assembled a special team and is in charge of concept planning, exhibition design and curation of the whole exhibition:

“The main concept of this activity is the Möbius Strip that connects Spain and Japan. Both Spain and Japan have sustained heavy damage since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new post-Covid19 world is not entirely suffering, but eternally spins like the Möbius Strip, and will one day orient itself to a prosperous destination filled with sunlight. This virtual exhibition was born in the present situation, it immediately connects and unites people and products in Spain, in Japan and all over the world. We have designed the exhibition praying that it will become a symbol to create a new world with the help of all the people. We hope that as time goes by the relationship between Spain and Japan will continue indefinitely, like the Möbius Strip.

You can find the exhibition in the following URL. We look forward to your visit: